What we do

Jio is the enabler of digital life of every Indian.

We are more than just a promise of a better life, we are truly about a whole new way of living. Leading the movement that will enable millions of Indians with the Power of Digital. We will forever transform the way people work, play, learn and live.

Jio is much more than just telecom services. We offer a unique combination of telecom, high speed data, digital commerce, media and payment services. Playing a key role in the digital development of India, we’re developing services in everything from education to healthcare, security to financial services, technology to entertainment.

We are the largest, best-connected network in the country. Over the next three years, we will be rolling out our network nationwide and you will have access to powerful internet, wherever you go. Stay connected to your friends and family always.

Jio will change the way we live, learn, work and play.

Facts of Jio

Jio is now present in all of the 29 states of India, with a strong presence in nearly 18,000 cities and towns along with over one lakh villages. By the end of the year, Jio will be available to minimum 80 % of India’s population.

We are the first 4G broadband wireless operator to achieve wireless coverage far in excess of the rollout obligation as per its license conditions. We have also deployed a network of nearly 250,000 route kilometres of fiber optics, thereby creating a future-proof digital backbone across India.

Better Digital Life

Simple, Smart and Secure

With an advanced network comes a connected digital world. Our revolutionary apps work effortlessly together, so that every day activities becomes easier and quicker. Combining revolutionary services like high-definition voice and video calling with life-changing apps and a network designed for the future, we’re bringing a new digital life to every person in India.

And we want to make sure that students of our country benefit from unlimited access to our next-generation network. The first broadband provider to achieve far-reaching wireless coverage in rural areas, we’re working towards a brighter future by prioritising connectivity to thousands of schools.

Culture at Jio

Reliance is a global corporation with its legacy rooted in India. A vast majority of our employees come from a socio-economic environment that is dynamic, complex, ambiguous, and incredibly diverse. This cultural backdrop raises unique behaviour patterns among Indian employees at the workplace.

Hence, by tapping into the rich legacy of Indian mythologies and motifs, we have articulated a new framework of understanding belief, behaviour, and business that is truly Indian in character and, yet, universal in substance.

3 Pillars of Jio Culture

Jio culture has three critical focus areas.


Satyam refers to our focus on the basic truths of business. Insights into the realities of business operations will enable prudent decision-making, ambitious risk-taking, and integrity in all our interactions. It ensures that the foundation of our business remains strong and robust.


Shivam is our focus on the energies of our people. We respect the inherent diversity and autonomy of our people and encourage behaviour that assumes maximal responsibility with minimal supervision. Hence, we nurture a leadership mind-set that is enabling, empathetic, and empowering for all our employees, to create an ecosystem of high-performance and meaningful experiences.


Sundaram refers to our focus on creating delightful experiences of our customers. Sundaram is what differentiates the good from the great, the satisfied from the delighted. It is our commitment to deliver on the promise of the brand.